Rapid PayCard

Manage a Rapid Card in the line up of Visa or Mastercard PayCard online at the official site www.rapidfs.com. The Rapid! PayCard is a high-performance organization business services provider that allows those employees who do not have conventional banking connections to have computerized payroll.

It saves workers time and money affiliated with cashing checks and is much safer than cash, as reserves are preserved by Visa and MasterCard’s zero accountability programs. Eradicate the hassle of missing checks and giving discount check prices with a charge card from RapidFS.com.

Employees get SMS notifications, cashback rewards, interest savings, online bill payments, free All-point (ATM) withdrawals, and much more. There are also no overdraft or credit check charges, as Rapidfs is not particularly a credit card.

Log into a RapidFS Login account by going to the official site and entering the relevant account credentials like user ID and password linked with the Rapidfs Login account. If an account has not yet been formed, click on the “First Registration” tab and enter the 16-digit employer-issued card number.

Users may be expected to provide genuine identifying data, such as name, age, and birth date, as well as an authorization email id. After receiving a support email, enter the code to access the Rapidfs Login account.

If users are utilizing a personal computer, users can select the “Remember this device” alternative so that users from the subsequent time do not require a passcode to log into the registered account from the same device. Most significantly, the capital is preserved by Visa Zero Fraud Liability.

Users can call 1-888-RAPID 14 (727-4314) to inform the loss/theft and inquire about a new card. Call 1-888-RAPID 14 and tell the delegate about the Rapidfs Employee card or even request assistance if the user faced any issue. If you need help with an account, please call (877) 380-0980.