How To Activate?

For access to the Rapidfs Login portal, users need to activate the Rapid Card once they receive the approval at In this section, activation acknowledgment is mentioned in the detailed format for the cardholders.

With the Rapid! PayCard, users can quickly receive their monthly payments. Fundamentally, Rapid Card is a prepaid card that is free from any credit check. All the users require is to qualify for this card and provide the relevant proof of identification and legal citizenship in the United States.

Users can utilize it to get and spend their monthly paycheck hassle-free with the services offered at Rapidfs Card can also be utilized to withdraw funds from millions of ATMs across the globe.

Cardholders have perks to pay anywhere with the Visa or MasterCard wherever the cards are accepted. Thanks to the card, it is not required to carry cash to ensure security measures.

To have an Employee Rapid! PayCard specifically, users must ask their employer for the same. The organization’s human resources department will provide all the relevant assistance for the same. Employees will get an application form to complete and submit for the same.

After receiving the application, users will get their Rapid! PayCard, which they have to activate. After the activation is approved for daily usage, cardholders will get their Rapid Card unless the cardholders will not utilize it before activation.

When activating the card, you also have the option to replace the card with your name. The first card will arrive 7-10 days after application. This is usually an instant issue card that can be used in its entirety while you wait to activate the new personalized card.

To activate Rapid! PayCard is much simpler and effortlessly straightforward. All users have to do is call Rapidfs customer service at 1-877-380-0980.