Card Usage

Rapidfs cardholders must perform a short registration procedure before being allowed online access. To register, the client requires the 16-digit Rapid FS account number and a correct email address.

If the clients with the queries to Rapidfs can not reach out through the customer service number for Rapid Card, then they can mail their queries to [email protected].

For purchases online or by phone with the online payments, follow the instructions.

  • If users select direct debit, enter the registered PIN when prompted.
  • Complete the transaction. If the user chooses “credit,” they must accept the Rapidfs Login portal norms first.
  • Take the Rapid Card and receipt, along with verification.
  • Get refunds with in-store acquisitions.
  • Swipe the Rapid Card or provide it to the cashier.
  • Choose “direct debit” as the payment method and enter the PIN on the keypad in the relevant section.
  • Notify the cashier about the “refund” specifically and indicate the amount.
  • Bring cash, a card, and a receipt with you.
  • Collect money from an ATM.
  • Insert the card and enter the registered PIN code.
  • Select “Check” and the amount a user wants to withdraw.
  • Bring the funds and the card.

This arbitrary offer is not a MetaBank product or service, and even the bank does not endorse this offer. Apart from the offer, this guide delivers quick and easy commitments to the most fundamental questionnaires about the Rapid Card.

Rapidfs do not take charge of this feature or service while the standard cell phone, data, and text messaging costs may apply. Check with the mobile operative and obtain data about what charges the operator may connect with these services.

To aid in reviewing the federal administration, all financial institutions and their third parties must get, acknowledge, and record data for security purposes. For any further queries relevant to the activation, reach out to the official customer care representative.