Card Queries

Rapidfs is basically a prepaid card that provides all the round-bound online services and does not necessitate any noticeable credit check. Consequently, only a triumphant identity verification is needed, and the United States residence permit allows you to receive and spend your salary without complications.

The Rapid Card can be utilized at millions of ATMs and businesses worldwide, as long as MasterCard or Visa debit cards are authoritatively accepted. This Rapidfs offers more security to the users than those who prefer carrying money with them.

What to do when the order has been canceled by Rappi?

There are particular reasons why Rapidfs Rappi App cancels the order. Open a Rappi app and reach out directly to the customer care delegates about the specific case. If the contact is broken, the customer services agent will contact the users to inform and assist with the specific queries.

What happens if I lose my Rapid Payment card?

Most remarkably, the funds are protected by Rapidfs Zero Fraud Liability Policy. Users have to call 1.877.380.0980 to notify the loss/theft and simultaneously ask for a new card or request a new card from their employer. Call 1.877.380.0980 and notify the representative about the same.

How can I get a Rapid PayCard and direct deposit feature?

It’s much easier to get a Rapid! Pay Card and also the process is easier for activation. Users can request an instantaneous response from the employer or the association’s human resources department for the aspects relevant to the Rapidfs Login portal.

What should I do to stop receiving SMS from Rappi?

Just set off the notification in the app itself to stop getting SMS from Rappi. It’s simple as users have to click on the “Message Options” in the app’s central menu. If users face any issue disabling the SMS feature, they can even write to us for assistance.